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Vintage Jewelry



We buy ANYTHING made of Gold or Silver!

Examples?  Sure!  How about jewelry (even if it's broken or twisted), rings (including class and engagement rings), diamonds (loose or in jewelry), coins (such as old U.S. currency, Morgan or Peace Dollars, or Coronet Heads), sterling flatware, and even dental gold.  That's right!  People have actually sold this to us and made great money!  But, since some of our buyers have queasy stomachs, we do ask that you remove it from your mouth before  you enter our store :)

Ours is like no other gold buying store you've ever visited!

We've worked hard to create a fun, comfortable, and relaxing environment that makes us look forward to coming to work everyday. We feel sure you'll love our professional, well-furnished, and well-lit store. Our friendly staff will be happy to use our state-of-the-art equipment to test each of your items right in front of you.  We'll explain exactly what we're doing and why, inviting your input and answering all of your questions. You'll understand every aspect of how we arrived at our offer so that you can be sure you got the best price in town!

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