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Gold & Silver Buying

We're Not Like Everyone Else!

Our story begins .  .  .  with two ordinary mortals who, like thousands of others, became victims of the evil Recession.  Chosen by the all-powerful Refinery in Indiana, they were granted superpowers and tasked with protecting the innocent from hunger and saving the helpless from not paying their bills.


On that fateful day, the good folk of Lebanon, Tennessee gathered on the town square to gaze upon the glory of our heroes as they created Always Buying Gold, their headquarters in the never-ending battle against the tyranny of the Recession. They used their powers to stimulate the local economy by transmuting old and worthless jewelry into cold, hard cash.  Electric bills were paid, food was bought, and the Recession roared in anger as the people sang the praises of their Defenders.

However, as all Champions of the People know, evil is never completely defeated.  The Recession and its minions gathered their forces and continued to attack the good citizens of middle Tennessee.  To stand against this renewed assault, our heroes created a larger, more powerful base of operations in Murfreesboro.  Other worthy adventurers were granted superpowers and brought into the fold, and together, they battle day and night against any financial situation that could cause electricity to be cut off, houses to foreclose, or the stomachs of little children to rumble.

The job of a Gold Buyer is never done . . .

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